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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  July 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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arrest. >> they will hold on for three or four hours. >> why? >> that is the policy. >> so he will be back on the streets tonight? >> yes, it is nice to help people but you have to draw the line somewhere. you cannot continue on and on. because you see the result. you know off. we're not accomplishing anything. we're not accomplishing anything. >> individuals out there are not making the right choices. we estimate the right choice of course the big question is how you do that? the fact is that in san fransisco between the law and the politics, what we basically have done is adopt a position of compassion and outreach. but that almost person or drunk on the street does not want to reach back, it stays the way it is. and that is why the numbers stay the way it is, and welcome to san francisco mayor ed lee
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because the problem is that ended is right on your doorstep. >> is there any way to identify groups of people, are they hamas by choice or homeless people because they are addicted, or the homeless veterans? who are these people? is there any way to identify them? >> we have sort of done that because we provide tremendous amounts of shelter. that takes care of the people that want to move on, people better temporarily homeless and have lost their jobs. the chronic homeless whether they be mentally ill or substance abusers, out all, or just people that want to live this life? that is the challenge and no one has figured out how to crack because you can give them a house but that does not mean it will stay off the streets. >> thank you very much. >> if it goes through, the governor's plan to open up the delta to central and southern california will cost the state billions of dollars. but people in the bay area will see even more cost rolling down.
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ann noterangelo is here with the potential for water rates to go up. >> 87% of the water that is used in the valley, comes from the delta. that means 220,000 people could benefit from this delta pipeline project. but they're going to have to pay for it. the deltas liquid gold is destined for the central valley and southern california, and places in between. >> we cannot survive without the state water project. >> no one really knows how much the governor's tunnelling but the delta plan will cost to build and maintain that the initial estimate is $14 billion and it will be paid for by water users. the notion that tunnels are for southern california and not the bay area is mistaken according to the water directors who use a different matter than the rest of us. >> in terms of the state water project, southern california starts at the delta. and so we are part of southern california.
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>> and we need a more reliable water system that is not at the mercy of levees and state regulatory winds. >> i tell my customers that it is not about the others, it is about us, we cannot maintain our current quality of life here in this valley where we have such a high reliance on imported water, unless you participate in this. >> 2.5 million people would see their bills going up, people living in fremont in dublin and pleasanton and livermore and all 15 cities in santa clara county. about 40 percent of the santa clara water district's water comes from the delta, serving 2 million people. they stuck to see the water bills go up five dollars per month there and now account fees it will likely be a $10 monthly hike. >> i have young kids and my bills going up and up and is getting harder and harper. >> my water bill is not that high so does not matter to me. >> we have to of the water, what can do about it?
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>> there are many critics of this particular plan and they will be fighting over the next few months. >> thanks. >> a judge in san jose says that it will be very interesting, this case, as two technology giants face off in federal court. that is what the judge told prospective jurors on the first of the trial between apple and samsung. applebee's a samsung of patent infringement saying the company smart phones and tablets are illegal knockoffs of apple i found an ipad. >> both of these companies view the mobile devices as their future, this is making it a huge an ever-increasing part of their revenue stream and it really represents the next generation of computing. anything they can do to get an edge is enormous. >> the trial is expected to run for about a month. >> crews are cleaning up a massive spill in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. a truck spilled 100 gal. of cooking oil near the area. traffic in the area? no word on
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when crews will have those streets completely cleared. the new superman roller coaster @ six flags discovery kingdom remains closed as investigators tried to figure out why its stalled yesterday. a dozen people were stuck at a high as one of the ride for more than an hour. cate caugurian spoke to some disappointed riders. >> the superman will not be flying the skies today, the new roller coaster is taking a break while investigators figure out what put the super ride to a stop. >> i'm kind of disappointed. but it is fun. there are all kinds of brides. >> it happened yesterday when two cars suddenly stopped and a dozen riders were stuck in the air for an hour-and-a-half. vallejo fire went up in a bucket to give them water. >> they're doing diagnostic testing right now so there are sensors that are designed for safety. they would cause the right to stop, but we do not know if that
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is and until we continue to test. >> investigators have ruled out track and mechanical issues. test will be done throughout the day, closing it for riders but still crowds lined up for park fun. >> we had already scheduled to come here with the kids for his birthday but when we saw that we were of course very scared. and we thought maybe we could have fun but not on any roller coasters. >> some say that the ride reopened it would be more than happy to jump want. >> the probably went through all of the city procedures. hopefully it will be fine. >> six flags has offered the stranded riders compensation in the form of food and drink and season passes. this opened one month ago. and is then newest roller coaster. >> in other bay area had one san fransisco police are investigating a double murder in visitation valley. two men were shot around 1:15 a.m., both died at hospital.
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officer shut down and canvassed the area but so far no arrests. >> more headaches for drivers near union square. today crews closed stockton street between ellis and puree. to make way for the central subway construction project. stockton will not fully reopened for five years. although it will open up temporarily around thanksgiving and christmas. >> construction crews building the new forty-niner stadium in santa clara hit another milestone today. they put up the first steel beams on what will be a 68,000 seat stadium. the estimated cost is more than $1 billion. it is expected to be ready for the 2014 season. >> investigators say that last month's huge fire at pier 29 in san francisco was caused by a welders to work in the building. crews for getting it ready for next year's america's cup sailing races and despite the damage the pier will be ready in time for the race. >> developing news, firefighters
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battling several wildfires across the stage. crews are close to containing a 385 a. fire in a recreation area. that fire began on saturday, investigators say it may have been intentionally set. four campers from santa rosa called 9 1 1 after seeing the fire and a man running right in front of it. meanwhile and 800 a. fire has forced the evacuation of a campground in the sierra nevada. crews are also battling a 300 a. wildfire in sequoia national forest east of bakersfield. >> and amber alert remains in effect for a teenage girl that disappeared from the scene of a double homicide in monterey county. it happened in the town where homeowners kimmel saturday night and found the bodies of two men in the bathroom. their 16 year-old daughter was missing. a sheriff's deputies think that she was taken against will. she called her parents on the morning to tell them that she was ok. the suspect in the murders is
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her boyfriend, the two may be traveling with a third person, in a tan 2007 honda civic and they're believed to be headed for mexico. >> he was screaming " my girlfriend is dead ". >> killed after falling out of a party boss, why bay area investigators waited to ask witnesses to come forward. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> three days following the death of a young woman on a party boss, investigators are hoping that witnesses will come forward.
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at the 25 year-old natasha no one died during a fight as the boss that she was on travel through those that those on high with 17. len ramirez is here with what one witness saw moments after her death. >> that is right, there were some witnesses that came onto the scene afterward but the hard part for the chp is finding out exactly what happened on that bus because, most if not all the people that saw what was gone on were intoxicated. it was already a chaotic scene on highway 70 in my and the woman pulled up. >> the man was carrying the girl out of the highway, and i said " what happened, what can i do? ". and he was screaming " my girlfriend is dead ". >> she had fallen out of the door of a bus moving at freeway speed, the chp says that no one and another young woman fell out together well entangled and fighting aboard the bus which was similar to the east. the other woman was script, but talking.
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>> i said " what happened ". and she said " i don't know, i was thrown from the vehicle ". that woman is reportedly 20 years old but the daughter of a prominent surf shop owner was pronounced dead. >> we think that she got run over by the right rear tire. >> the bus was returning to santa cruz from the country music festival and the fight broke out, more than a dozen people on board had been partying and drinking heavily. >> 2 people were arrested on the scene for public intoxication. they were actually to the point where one of them actually assaulted an officer. >> other people ran from the party boss and hid in the bushes, possibly including under aged drinkers. they have not come forward as witnesses, hampering the investigation as to how the woman fell outside. >> we do not know if the door was faulty or someone pushed the emergency release to open the door, we are uncertain right now. that is the million-dollar question.
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>> i think that there are ways to responsibly monitor this. >> the san mateo assembly member has proposed a new law that would work tightly regulates these buses and says it could have a difference in this case. >> it would have put restrictions and requirements on the driver of the bus as well as requiring their to be an adults responsible over the age of 25 to make sure that miners were not drinking or in an environment where alcohol was served on that bus. >> the chp said that the driver of the bus was not cited and had been cooperative with investigators. as for the company owning the bus, that company was licensed by the state, but in 2010 they were fined $4,500 for several citations including failure to have every member of their driving force tested for drugs. >> quick question, something as serious as this, is it possible that they could lose their license from the state? >> it is possible depending on whether or not there was
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something wrong with the bus that was not being operated in a manner that should have, perhaps if the door mechanism was somehow faulty, and was able to open without the driver being aware of it. >> thank you. >> a passenger in a car has been charged with d u i. police say that he was drunk and threaten his girlfriend was driving on 101 in sonoma county. he pulled the emergency brake causing the driver to lose control of the car which and tumbled into an embankment. the chp officer said that even though it was not driving, he took control of the car when people that right. neither frank oh no or his girlfriend were hurt. >> caltrans is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to make bay area freeways safer for drivers and wildlife. don ford shows us a new way that gps systems can be used to save lives. >> there are a lot of signs along interstate 280 but one
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that you should stapay special attention to. you're crossing. drivers like mike warner have had close calls. >> i have seen a few dead on the side of the road ever once in a while they will jump out, is very dangerous for drivers. >> it was very sad and i fell terribly because i hit it. >> that deer died, but he said that he has some sage advice. >> the important thing to remember is that there is one that comes across, most likely there is another one. >> caltrans is paying the department of fish and game $300,000 to study habits appear along this freeway. >> what we hope to get from this is, in one word, safety. 64 the traveling public and for the wildlife also. >> the maybe creatures of the force but there are now also part of suburbia, less afraid of humans and our vehicles than ever before. the chp officers says that sometimes you just cannot keep the two apart.
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>> try the best you can to slow down and get out of the way. although sometimes there's nothing you can do. >> when the road is crowded, steve benson says that choices need to be made. >> we tried to save trucks and vehicles and kids. so we just go straight through. >> your have been outfitted with gps trackers hoping to save both deer and people. in san mateo, don ford, cbs 5. >> it has been a big game tradition for more than 100 years but the pregame bonfire at cal will not happen this year because of a scheduling conflict. john ramose found out that it is no longer a tradition that everyone cares about. >> beach year cal students gather at a huge bonfire at the greek theatre to burn a stanford banner the night before the big game. they have been doing it since the 1800's. >> it is very important to everyone to have that thing to go to and to look forward to. >> but it is not happening this
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year. the conference has move the big game up to october 20th to fill a tv contract. and the night before that date, bob dylan is appearing at the greek, so the bonfires canceled this year and students here are just now learning that the times are changing. >> i think a lot of discipline and because this is the greatest tradition have at cal, is one of the oldest. >> there's no doubt that it is an important tradition. but the question might be, who is it important to? >> have you ever heard of the taliban fire? >> have not heard of it. >> i know that they have had at last year. >> i wanted to go at some point but of my friends and go i will not. >> withit is becoming a diverse campus and traditions may not mean as much to individual students but they say traditions give the school is identity. >> traditions drive the
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love the people have for this university and for those that participate in it is a defining moment for them. >> the school will still have a rally the night before the game, it will be at the campus track and field stadium and there will be fireworks, but no bonfire. that will have to wait until next year. at uc-berkeley, cbs 5. >> maybe a bonfire at the beach would feel good but i was a moment pretend it was hot. >> it was very hot today. welcome to my world. it was sizzling to day, temperatures averaging well above normal. good evening everyone, let's go ahead and take a look at your neighborhood forecast, the day's highs between 50 60s at the beach is too low seventies in san fransisco which is up from the average high of 66 degrees. across the bay in oakland 77 degrees. 87 in san jose which is pretty close to normal. the averaghigh around 85 degrees, 98 throughout the valley with an average high this time of the year right around 90
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degrees. very warm unseasonably warm day in the bay area. this is the scene at the golden gate bridge where it was socked in, just moments ago, and now the stratus has moved out but don't worry, it will appear again tonight, currently 68 degrees in san fransisco, if you're headed out to the oakland coliseum for the baseball game, 72 degrees at this hour. san fransisco will tumble into the low 60s cops for game time. this is a look at mt. diablo where we do not have a cloud in the sky. that is what 92 degrees looks like, humidity at 19%, extremely dry conditions and the wind is increasing to up to five or 10 m.p.h.. officials sundown at 8:19 p.m. and we will see that the coast until the status pushes on shore. tonight overnight into the '50s with tomorrow's daytime highs, maybe if you 50's in half moon bay otherwise 83 in campbell and 10 degrees warmer than that in morgan hill. 95 outside #to the east and to
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the north we're talking about 90 each in sonoma and santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for, yes, we're talking summertime in the bay area, but just in time for the weekend, dana king always looks forward to the weekend. we're talking about cooler weather by then. we'll talk about that next time around. >> the government's use a toy manufacturer, how small silver tollway ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it popular desk where with powerful magnets is attracting a lot of attention. the government says that it should not be for sale. julie watts is here with a big fight over these balls. >> they're small, silver, and stick together. and that is why people like them.
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>> it is really fun, >> it is also why the government and pediatricians don't like it. >> these magnets can make holes in your stomach. >> consumer products safety commission is suing the company that makes the magnetic best way claiming that it poses risks to children. according to the cpsc, in a two year time span there was 22 cases of kids swallowing the tiny magnets, some requiring surgery. >> the-can connect is out of your body just like on the outside. >> not just little kids. >> trust me, never put a magnet in your nose or mouth. >> this morning after this teenagers fall of four of them well simulating a tongue piercing. the government is trying to force the manufacturers to stop selling them and offer full refunds. a rare move, just the second time the agency has taken a step like this in 11 years. >> they're going to far because magnets are all over the place. >> the company is fighting back, refusing to voluntarily recall.
6:25 pm
>> the new york based company says that they only market the bulls to adults and the label clearly says " keep away from children ". >> if they say that the warning labels don't work for this product, then i think that they're saying the warning labels don't work in general. >> a hearing on the future of the tory could come this fall and in the meantime it is becoming a polarizing issue. >> it just seems ridiculous. >> i think it would only be dangerous to someone who is not responsible enough to handle them. >> at the end of the day you would rather prevent any incident then have to deal with them. >> to m. bass million sets of the toys have been sold since 2009. some stores have voluntarily stop selling them but the government wants to force manufacturers to stop selling them all together, it is certainly becoming a heated debate among many, a lot of people say it is the paris responsibility to keep them out
6:26 pm
of the mouths of children but others say that if they are dangerous, don't sell them. >> their small so, i am surprised that there were able to get around the market to begin with. they are choking hazard. >> the issue is that because there are magnets, they can stick to your intestines and essentially ripped through them. but again, there are a lot of adults that love is as a best way and stress reliever. so certainly, too polarizing points of view. pun intended. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> more trouble for mitt romney on his foreign to work, how complement sparked an outcry of racism. >> the accused movie theater gunman back in a colorado court room, the only word he said after being formally,,,,,,,,,,
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>> in campaign 2012, where 100 days away from the presidential election and is a statistical dead heat. priestly joins us now, last minute ads for the final push? >> deer is flying by.
6:30 pm
not much time left in swing states were absentee voting begins in early september. the season is flying by and the polls are showing the cadidates our neck and neck. the latest poll of registered voters showed the president and presumptive republican nominee mitt romney tied at 46%. with 100 days to go both are launching new ads to mark the occasion. it is a wake-up call for president obama supporters. there's not much time left. the new advertisement shows a countdown to election day with a cameo by the first lady and ending with a trip to the ballot box. not to be outdone, " restore our future " a supporter of mitt romney, launched this commercial with former olympic athlete figure skater kristi yamaguchi. >> mitt romney brought a huge sense of hope. >> while his remark about one in not being ready for the olympics is dominating the airwaves, like this moment on abc >> i do not think that a gaffe
6:31 pm
for you to the moment will really make or break this particular election. i think that it will be about the direction of the country. >> i would have given that answer if i had flown to london and embarrassed my candid it in front of the entire world. >> robert smith believes it will not last. >> i think that will be forgotten. >> what voters will remember, the professor says this remark by the president. >> if you have a business, you did not build that, someone else made that happen. >> mitt romney has used that line quite frequently in the past couple of months in advertisements to portray obama as a man that does not has a clue about how the market economy works. >> a defining moment for mitt romney, the statement at a rally in january. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> he is just talking in an off- the-cuff wasting that corporation should have the same
6:32 pm
kinds of rights as people. and that is not going to play well with ordinary americans. >> with so many people getting information off the internet answers social media, the professor says that there is little room for error for both cadidates and there will only be more so as we approach that day on november 6th. we will see a lamp of of even more advertisements, if you can believe that. >> they will be asking for money that entire time. >> mitt romney's trip to england it did not start off well and now palestinians are outraged after his second stop overseas. this week and mitt romney made waves in israel talking tough about the iranian nuclear ambitions. and waded into the status of jerusalem. >> it is a deep and moving experience to be in jerusalem. the capital of israel.
6:33 pm
>> united states, like other nations, has their embassy in tel aviv and considers that city the capital of israel. palestinians accuse mitt romney of being racist because he said the israeli economic strength can be attributed to israeli culture compared to the palestinians struggling economy. the mitt romney campaign said that palestinians are mischaracterizing those comments. >> ancestry .com says president obama could be a descendant of one of the first documented slaves in colonial america. the website has been looking into the president's family history since 2008, genetic links and property records indicate that obama might be related to the 18th-century slave for his mother's caucasian side of the family. ancestry back, and admits that there are gaps in its research. the white house declined comment on the report. >> james holmes officially faces charges for the movie theater massacre in colorado.
6:34 pm
said lawrence tells us that some of the people wounded in shootings watched as prosecutors read the charges against homes. >> james holmes stared straight ahead as prosecutors charged him with 140 counts of murder and attempted murder. >> 24 counts of murder and first-degree and 116 counts of criminal intent to commit murder. >> the court room was packed with family members in shooting victims recover from their wins. prosecutors say that he opened fire inside of a caller on a movie theater, murdering 12 people and wounding 58 others. >> we will not back down and let his your take over our lives. we will stand up against him. >> people at the hearing said that he appeared subdued and days and still has the orange dye hair seen during his first court appearance last week. he spoke only one saying " yes " when the judge asked him if he understands the charges. he was charged with murder with the liberation and murder with extreme indifference.
6:35 pm
he also toured with possession of explosives after police spent days and dismantling devices in his booby trapped apartment. he was seeing a psychiatrist and defense wants anything he did to his doctor kept out of evidence. legal analyst believe that his attorneys will pursue a insanity defense. this woman hopes that will not be allowed at companies is one of the shooting victims, she was paralyzed in a tacky monster baby over the weekend. >> it was very important to come here today and see him as who he was. and, there was a lot of anger. >> he is scheduled to be back in court in august and could face the death penalty if convicted. >> the jackpot winner still has not come forward. a bay area store that sold $52 million winning tic,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> he california's newest city could be broken a year. and it is not its fault. it is the fault of sacramento. the state has taken away nearly half of their budget. the riverside county city lost $6.5 million when the state legislature voted to take away state vehicle license fee money designed to go to new cities. >> we have enough money to get through july of next year. >> and then what? >> possible this incorporation. there has not been made this incorporation in the state of california since 1972. >> a bill to restore that money has stalled in the legislature. >> the rally that started last week on wall street into a hole today with the dow sinking frequents. still above 13,000 things to last week's 400 point surge. the nasdaq and s&p also we're still waiting to hear from
6:39 pm
who won the mega millions jackpot. that ticket is worth $52 million. check your pockets. it matched all six numbers in was sold at this convenience store on walnut ave. the estimated cash payout is $40 million, mega million winners have one year from the date of the drawing to claim their prize. >> the days of sport alerts seem to be fading, what is a big-time game changer in this year's olympics? >> a little bit of fog hanging tight to the golden gate bridge. good evening everyone. the skies have been clearing,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, haas hot
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>> >> a sampling during the olympic games, spoilers. but now is getting harder and harder for fans to avoid the results before they watch their favorite event on tv. at mike sugerman shows us some news outlets are getting creative to keep you in suspense.
6:43 pm
copperopolis >> a lot you'll want to go home at night and watched the marquee events that are shown in prime time. these are from yesterday because this network cannot show them until 24 hours after that happened. could do you have a mobile phone? >> without even unlocking my phone to open it, i already have 3 facebook notifications. >> people talking about the olympic results. twitter? forget it. at the new york times stands out the winners. so does the los angeles times. >> i had to stop looking online, i have not been checking facebook or twitter. i have been avoiding in the hole internet because i like it to be a surprise. >> this is the wind picks that really is on twitter ever second of the day. >> we spoke with this and whisper and sniper. >> in fact i understand that there were problems with networks in london, some people are texting and updating facebook that is overwhelming
6:44 pm
some of the data networks. >> how you avoid that? some news outlets have figured out creative ways to cover what is legitimate breaking news, and still not be a killjoy. >> they put the results on twitter, pin you have to go to the website to finance her. >> so you can choose, an actress rather than it coming in your face. the wall street journal found a way around the ban on showing any videos of the day's events, refusing to be puppets of the prohibition. the use puppets, although even watching this, you know the results. we will not ruin it for you. >> we did not spoil it, did we? these really are the olympics on twitter because to athletes have been thrown out because of racist twitter messages and a reporter got thrown off of twitter because he said
6:45 pm
something about nbc. and it is not the olympics of twitter like how fast you can do it but it has taken a big part of the games away. >> by the way, that puppet race? flat stanley won that one. >> that is where he has been!. >> thankyou mike. >> the television ratings have been strong for the olympics over here, but for some americans in london, it has been rather difficult to see the games. many people are angry over unused tickets. events are mostly sold out but hundreds of seats remain empty. british officials even drafted soldiers to fill the gaps. for one san fransisco couple, getting to the games has been frustrating as spare tickets are resort for residents of britain. as the ball for tickets, if they have extra and we have not find any.
6:46 pm
>> if people are not using those seats than by all means let us in!. >> after losing out to london in a bid for the games, the president of france says that his country is considering a bid for the 2020 for games. >> one thing that is not empty in london are the hotel rooms away taxi driver found a way to cash in. he wins out his taxicab at night to anyone that needs a good night's sleep. he calls it " relax taxi ". he added a master's and pillows, two people have already spent the night and four more are booked. thaw >> it is quiet, and they're just happy with it. i was a bit worried but they said it was fine. >> he charges $75 per night, and kids were wondering it is park in his driveway and a guest needs to use the bathroom, they simply not on the front door. and we have much more olympics coverage including the day's
6:47 pm
most memorable moments., click on olympics. >> for 72 degrees tomorrow. caught in london with a 60 percent chance of rain showers. look at the view. this is a bird's-eye view of the city by the bay. the city of san fransisco where it was 71 today. that is up from the average high of 66. currently 64. stratus still building offshore but it is 91 degrees at this hour in santa rosa. your weather had month later tonight, some coastal clouds gathering but currently the coast is clear. some patchy fog overnight. tomorrow if you morning clouds and another one day in the inland areas. it will feel like summer as far as your extended forecast is concerned. a prize to date 60 in pacifica and 77 in oakland. 89 degrees in cinephile.
6:48 pm
just shy of triple digits, 87 degrees in san jose, the futurecast clearly indicates it is a very thin at deck of low clouds and patchy fog that will line the san mateo coast as well as ocean beach tomorrow. and then it begins to wipe arraaway. but overall we have ourselves a fairly decent summertime weather pattern even though we have monsoon moister working its way through the backdoor of seven california desert. cathedral city reporting heavy downpours at this hour with high-pressure continuing to strengthen as far as our forecast is concerned so we really have a summer weather pattern all week long. a thin veil of clouds and areas of patchy fog line the coast into the '50s, roughly 56 degrees. then highs tomorrow to stick couple of degrees cooler than today. 50s and 60s along the beaches
6:49 pm
and '70s and '80s along the peninsula including belmont into south san francisco. jumping up to 93 degrees in morgan hill and 85, spot on for this time of the year from san jose. 90 degrees in walnut creek but warmer in pleasanton and dublin and san ramon baxter black hawk. 95 in brentwood and tracy and oakley and discovery day. the extended forecast calls for a repeat performance on wednesday and and the pump up the temperature on thursday only to bring it back down on friday. cooling off just in time for the first weeken
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6:52 pm
>> football players must come in with the playbook memorized? >> when the new head coach as an advanced learning system because they had two weeks before their first game. , on cbs 5 in a couple of weeks. it is a whole new oakland raider is. yes, they're doing a whole lot more than crushing grapes in napa. dennis allen is the first and
6:53 pm
head coach in the nfl, he was the defensive coordinator last year, he got a full camp and hopefully a whole year of his quarterback. instead, the focus is to build a specific raiders team >> a tough, smart, discipline football team, that is the way you will win in this league and that is how we will play. >> guys tend to pay attention much more, you tend to sit up in your seat, and you are alert. >> the 49ers open camp on friday and jim hardball is impressed with a first-round pick a.j. jenkins. so much so that he made an unannounced visit to tell the media that they have been too critical of jenkins. for that he gets the " they said it " award. the scribes and dependence and so-called " experts ".
6:54 pm
that have gone as far as to say that he is going to be a bust, should just stop. i recommend that. because they're making themselves look more clueless than they already did. i will go on record. a.j. will be eighth outstanding football player. >> the giants and the phillies are in talks on a major trade with a deal that will require ownership approval including all-star cluster pants coming to the giants to bolster their outfield but the deal involves sending a minor league catcher to philadelphia and the giants denying any talks. the giants could use his bat, a shut out in consecutive games by the dodgers for the first time in san fransisco history. the dodgers swept the series to pull even for the division lead. san fransisco has lost four straight games. perhaps this will wake them up? >> if anything, it makes us a
6:55 pm
little angry, and we'll take it out on the mess that are coming here. i hope that is what it does. >> the warriors have signed a forward to a four year contract worth $8 million, he averaged over 12 points and five rebounds last year. have you ever noticed your body language while you watch your kids play sports? >> let's go, can catch it, stick it. >> the parents of an american pianist also going for the gold. other parents are just trying to teach their kids to do the right thing. and that prevents his other from throwing the ball for just a moment but not for long. the mets come to san fransisco in the middle of a slump but certainly not on defense. david wright going out, so is
6:56 pm
the shortstop. to catch is it? he had that baseball. >> requires the first and third base coach to wear helmets now. it is a good idea. this ball hit a marlon's coach. ozzie guillen got a good laugh out of that and he had not had much this season. finally, what is john bailey doing lately? that is david faraday, the golf analyst. this is john holliday hitting the ball. can you believe this? do not try this at home. my initial reaction was " it is just good to see john bailey back on the golf course ". >> thanks,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
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